“Sanitize” is Such an Unclean Word

Real Tales of a Dr.’s Spouse #502: Wife wakes up for work and notices that the washing machine has been running. Then recollects that her husband came home late from a shift in the emergency room, threw his clothes in, and set them to SANITIZE. Wife then sadly realizes that this sanitation process probably has nothing to do with the snake he was asked to identify, and then modeled “eating” in a photo early into his shift. Too scared to ask for details, she just runs the cycle again, and hopes it doesn’t taint the machine…then remembers that she never heard the shower running last night before the Dr. crawled into bed and hugged her.

This scene then leads to the wife now heading for a scalding hot shower and praying. Lots and lots of angry praying.


One thought on ““Sanitize” is Such an Unclean Word

  1. I woke up thinking of this story this morning! and now you reposted it here today! Sending love to you both and the wonderful and funny work and words your are contributing to the world! xoxo

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