Bleeding Hearts

Diary of a Doctor’s Wife: Bleeding Heart

*Disclaimer: I wrote this when I was in a very negative mood with very little sleep. Love you, honey!

My husband is an incredible man. If you need a place to stay, you’re staying with us—no question. Are you in our zip code? Come on over for dinner and a beer. Are you going out of town? We’ll sit your dog. You have two? Cool. You’re not coming back for two weeks? No problem. I love this about him. As a doctor, his bleeding heart when it comes to his friends knows no bounds, and though I would probably help you out myself…I just wasn’t raised to actively seek others to help, host, or feed. You have to be a best gay for that kind of love to happen.

Fast forward to this morning: 6:47am. We have been hosting friends, family, and fellows for over a week. Which has been incredible. I love meeting new people and going out, and I especially love any dates that include food which I don’t need to cook, coupled with dishes that I don’t need to clean. But this week also includes hosting their dogs…which has now led to a new nervous disorder in my cat…who now pees blood when the couch surfing dog stresses him out too much. Which is currently all of the time.

This wouldn’t be so bad if my partner were around to help me chase after bloody piddles, call the bounding beast back to bed, and throw pillows at the yelping fur ball at 1:30am so I can get some sleep before facing my students for the last long week before summer begins.

Have I mentioned that I work with a high risk population? Do you know how long this “week” is going to last? It’s going to last months, and will result in many referrals and possible physical altercations. Especially if the weather heats up again. Note: it’s currently 72 degrees at 6:50am.

But instead, he’s on an overnight shift. And either his phone has run out of power, or he’s extremely busy on a shift (though he was planning on studying, since it hasn’t been busy at all), or he’s ignoring my texts (quite possible since they haven’t exactly been rays of sunshine), or….HE’S BEEN SLEEPING. Yes. Sleeping. Whereas I’ve been awake for six hours and am now just getting to work. In fact, I am currently typing this blog on my iPhone in the empty parking lot of my school, because he still hasn’t returned my texts. My students are going to regret their attendance today.

Lesson learned: bleeding hearts need tighter sutures.


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